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Audrey Lartey

The longest serving member of the marketing team. A born and bred Londoner and proud of it. If you are looking for someone to get you excited about ANYTHING, she is your woman. You will recognise her by her distinctive laugh and her fantastic singing voice (ahem). Xfactor 2017 baby!

INTERESTING FACT: An audience of people paid to see her do stand-up last year and they actually found her funny

James Waite

The wisest member of the marketing team, James is a more sit back and watch kinda guy. Nothing is too much for him; he just takes it all in his stride and makes it look easy. Just do not ask him about his football team…It is a touchy subject.

INTERESTING FACT: He has completed four marathons – yeah annoying isn’t it?

Ollie Bennett-Coles

Another proud born and bred Londoner and the most recent addition to the team, Ollie is a passionate marketer having worked previously for branding and media agencies. Ollie loves his art, music and cinema and is a huge fan of the greatest team in the land: Tottenham Hotspur football club.

INTERESTING FACT: Ollie speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan – he’s found that these skills radically improve after a few hours of Proco’s Cocktail Friday. Who knew?

Sophie Barnes

Our resident baker, she just loves to feed the office - it puts a big fat smile on her face. From our office in Brighton, Sophie’s creativity comes from her love of all things Disney. We know it is a strange one, but it really works – she is a ball of creative energy.

INTERESTING FACT: Sophie grew up in New Zealand but you would never be able to tell from her accent.


The best of the bunch!