It was almost 5 years ago that I started my journey with Proco Global in Hong Kong. The word ‘journey’ is apt given the changes and growth we’ve experienced and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in that time. From the early days in a small serviced office with about 6 staff we’ve just moved into our own amazing 3600 square foot space with a current headcount of 22!

Having previously worked in Recruitment focusing only on the financial services sector, I had no intention of switching to supply chain until I met with Richard Paisley the Founder and CEO of Proco Group. His passion for the business was infectious, he painted an ambitious picture but one I had no doubt he and his team would achieve. I couldn’t help but want to be on the bus and my only regret is that I didn’t join sooner!

Just like the rest of the business, our Proco Global team focuses on recruiting at mid-senior level across procurement, supply chain, quality and operational excellence, and manufacturing. Our sectors of choice for this office are food and beverage, consumer goods, and process and chemicals. In 2013 we took a risk and launched Proco Associates in Hong Kong to focus on future leaders in supply chain, so we could support our clients at all levels. Proco Associates has been a huge success story for us with 7 staff currently and the business now rolled out to our other locations across the globe.

In less than five years, we have created a strong identity for Proco here and regionally, and we’re recruiting for some of, if not most of, the major critical clients in our chosen industries.

For example, in our food and beverage business, we work for five or six of the world’s leaders in that sector. The same is true in our consumer goods sector, where we are similarly working for multi-billion dollar organisations that we had no track record with at all, anywhere in the world, before we came to Asia.

What I’ve also really enjoyed is learning about different countries and cultures through supporting our clients across the region. I’ve personally made placements in Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea which has been incredibly eye-opening and satisfying at the same time. This job has given me and the team the opportunity to build networks and in many cases friends from all walks of life.

In December 2016, Proco Group Hong Kong won the ‘Best Recruitment Firm: Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Logistics’ at the Human Resources Vendors of the Year award ceremony. As the leader of such a talented and passionate bunch, to be recognized by an independent panel of HR professionals across a variety of industries, was an incredibly proud moment for me.

With a strong leadership team in place and with loads of space in our new home on Arbuthnot Road we have the opportunity to grow further in 2017. We’ll be playing to our strengths and will be sticking to the sectors that we’re already having success in, targeting clients within those sectors where we know we can gain traction. We are no longer the new kid on the block, and we look forward to further strengthening our relationships with our clients and candidates in Asia this year!

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