The role of today’s chief executives is far more complex than it ever has been before, as geopolitical uncertainties and massive technological advances force them to understand rapidly shifting dynamics and prepare for their impact on their firms.

Why, then, have supply chain leaders – with their renowned abilities to interact with internal and external stakeholders and help their companies cut costs, manage risks and drive product innovation – historically been overlooked in the path to the boardroom?

We believe the supply chain is a prime breeding ground for the CEOs of the future, and that the purpose and perception of the supply chain function needs to transform internally if businesses are to maximise the talent potential already available within their companies.

We have recently embarked on an insight report aimed at shedding light on the capabilities of supply chain professionals in major corporations, and encouraging businesses to invest in those talents as future leaders.

We have been able to interview a select group of senior leaders in the industrials sector who have made the transition into general management, including the HR perspective. They have told us what has worked for them and where they still see challenges, all of which makes for some fascinating reading.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together in collaboration with our clients. I’d like to thank them all for their input, and I look forward to hearing what your thoughts.

View our insights on Supply Chain to CEO and download the report: 

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