Proco Group’s CEO, Richard Paisley, recently announced my appointment to the role of group Chief Customer Officer (CCO). This is a newly created position in the business with one clear purpose: to put our clients at the center of everything we do. After leading our Americas region over the past three years, I’m thrilled to be taking on this challenge across our global offices.

The appointment of CCOs in businesses has become increasingly common in recent years. Opinions on the concept vary—some companies have embraced it while others have dismissed it as a fad. Many management teams are quietly watching from the sidelines, waiting to see what measurable outcomes will come from prioritizing customer experience. Given that Proco has never shied away from innovative thinking, it’s no surprise that we’re willing to do everything possible to exceed client expectations and grow the business.

As CCO, my primary responsibility is to define, develop and deliver consistent standards of service and support across all Proco brands and regions. In doing so, the business can achieve positive outcomes for all stakeholders—namely customers, candidates and employees.

Proco Group works with a portfolio of household name Fortune 500 organizations and each of these has unique needs for recruitment of supply chain talent. Because of this, these companies often keep their options open when working with agencies, opting to work with several at once.

To address this, part of my role is to ensure that Proco is surpassing the level of service and scope that clients expect from a recruitment service. This is the only way that we will persuade them to trust us with all of their talent searches. We must outline exactly how we can support their business across different supply chain functions; this starts with us being more visible, increasing the amount of face-to-face interaction that we have with their key hiring manager and internal influencers. We will identify client needs, design a workable solution and, as a result, better position ourselves for long-term partnerships.

As for candidates, they don’t want to deal with multiple recruiters. Despite this, when they’re looking for their next career move, they often sign up with a handful of agencies, submitting their CV anywhere and everywhere to cast their net wide. By working in tandem with our customers, we can increase the number of recommendations and referrals received. As a consequence, we can strengthen Proco’s reputation as the first—and last—stop for exceptional supply chain career options.

To deliver a superior client and candidate experience with our services, it’s crucial that we have a clearly defined and robust account delivery plan as part of our operating model. While it’s easy to build such a plan in theory, execution is key. I will allocate a significant amount of my time and energy to this, closely partnering with my colleagues across the globe to ensure that both our customers’ needs are exceeded and employees achieve their personal goals.

I recently read an article on CCO Global that stated “[a] truly effective CCO is like gold dust – their value to the company is almost immeasurable as the skill set required to be a truly valuable CCO is both diverse and varied – and very difficult to obtain.” Yes, that’s a lot of pressure, but two week into the job and my determination to improve customer experience is strong—I’m fully committed to ensuring that Proco Group continues to create positive outcomes for all stakeholders in everything we do.

If you like the sound of our company vision and customer-centric approach, why not get in touch to work with Proco?

I’m always eager to speak to businesses about how we can support them, so never hesitate to contact me on

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