As individuals, most of us are doing what we can to live more sustainably, from ditching plastic bags to walking and cycling more. But how can businesses encourage a more sustainable working culture?

We all have a role to play in reducing our impact on the environment for future generations, so it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to look inwards and honestly reflect upon how they can promote sustainability across all functions.

Why does this matter in recruitment? As Proco’s chief customer officer, I recognise the value of aligning our business values with the services we offer—and our clients do too. We have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, and this message has been spread across all Proco brands. Not only have our global teams made pledges to take sustainable actions in the day-to-day running of our offices—whether through onsite recycling or working with local environmental charities—but we’ve also challenged our employees to go meat-free for team lunches and recycle more.

Reducing our impact on the planet is just one small step, however. We endeavour to work with clients that share our passion for important issues like sustainability and suppliers that share our values because, as a company, we recognise that accountability is important for our brand and image. Our company vision is to create positive outcomes and we endeavour to achieve these for all of our stakeholders, whether it’s our clients, customers, colleagues or communities.

There are many beneficial impacts of promoting important issues like sustainability across a business as well, including spreading positivity and giving colleagues a sense of pride about the company that they work for. As a result, employees feel more loyalty towards the business. A higher level of job satisfaction is linked to increased productivity, so it would be reckless to not embrace important issues like this.

The effect of sustainability is generating a lot of interest in recruitment right now—our clients are moving quickly to keep up with changing technology and regulations in almost every industry. This means that there’s an outcry for talent with specific skills and experience linked to sustainable products and practices across the supply chain. Ultimately, these changes will benefit us all, so Proco is honoured to be part of this shift towards sustainability by connecting our clients with leading talent in this field.

Sustainability is therefore an issue that’s extremely relevant to our business and that’s why we’re taking it seriously. Throughout July, we asked our colleagues to think about how sustainability is impacting their area of expertise—from consumer goods to petrochemicals—and the supply chain in general.

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We hope that these features will spark discussions about sustainability across the supply chain and get businesses thinking about the changes that they can make to operate in a more environmentally friendly way.


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