Choosing a new office is a gargantuan task – there will always be requests you’ll struggle to accommodate, and there’s numerous considerations floating around: location, price, amenities, accessibility, perks, neighbours, etc. But perhaps the most important feature to look out for is longevity. With every potential new office space we visited, we asked ourselves: will this hold up in several years’ time?  

Our new office is located on a dynamic avenue in one of the most important financial districts of Mexico City. The features of our new office in Mexico include ergonomic furniture, a terrace, a bar, gourmet coffee, and is just a short walk to local restaurants, gyms, and shops.  

We asked Farid Alcazar, Managing Partner of Proco LATAM, a few questions about his thoughts behind the move and what he’s most excited for in Proco’s future.  

What was the biggest consideration to keep in mind when looking for a new space? 

To find a space that would allow us to achieve our sustainable and aggressive growth plans. 

Why is this space better than our old one?  

Practically all of the reasons we can think of: location, size, design, view and service. 

What kind of working model are you adhering to and why does this work best for your team?  

We employ a hybrid model: Monday and Friday we work from home and Tuesday to Thursday we spend in the office. We’ve found this to work best because we embrace flexibility and at the same time, we empower the culture of building strong relationships between us and constantly learning from each other. 

What is your favourite feature of your new space?  

Being surrounded by trees and having a large terrace right in front of us. 

What are your future plans for the Mexico office? 

Continue with the development of our current team and add another 6 new starters during this financial year. 

What current opportunities are there within the team in Mexico?  

We’re currently looking to hire people within practically every practice: Industrials, Consumer Markets and Commodities for both our Research and Business Development teams. Our positions range from Researcher all the way through to Senior Partner.  

What type of person would be successful in the Mexico office?  

A team player, intellectually curious and ambitious person who’s looking for a challenge that will provide strong international exposure both internally, within our company and externally to the markets where we operate. 

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