The global process and chemicals industry is one of the most complex environments in which we operate, covering everything from the extraction of metallic ores, through to iron and steel, resins and coatings, and renewables and nutrition. Every site that we work with has unique and complex requirements, and site leadership roles, in particular, require extremely bespoke capabilities.

What has become clear in recent years is that all of our clients are encountering growing challenges when it comes to identifying talent to fill site management positions, precisely because of the unusual skillsets required of candidates.

We recently embarked on an exciting research project to try and get to the bottom of the site leadership gap, and to identify some ways in which businesses might better position themselves to attract available talent.

The results make for some fascinating reading and shed a spotlight on the reasons why companies are failing to identify talent for these roles. We also learned a great deal about the challenges that businesses face attracting talent once identified and the concerns around retaining and developing their own internal pipelines of site managers for the future.

The report will include the findings of our survey of over 150 site leaders working in the process and chemicals industry across Europe and the Middle East, and will look at the drivers for those individuals when they do look to move, how willing they are to relocate, and the locations they are most keen on moving to.

Alongside this qualitative data, we have also interviewed some of our most senior clients in the industry, who have kindly shared some fascinating in-depth experiences and insights to shed more light on the problem.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together in collaboration with our clients. I’d like to thank them all for their input, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Download our full insights on Site Management – Plugging the Site Leadership Gap report