Brad is based in our Los Angeles office. He recently celebrated an impressive seven years with Proco, so we asked him to reflect upon his time and highlights working with the company.

Where did you work before joining Proco?
I started my recruitment career in Australia after graduating from Deakin University in Melbourne and spending 2 years traveling the world racing as a professional triathlete. Over the next 11 years I held key leadership roles in Melbourne, Sydney and New York for two of the world’s largest recruitment companies before joining Proco in 2012 to lead the commodities business across the Americas.

What attracted you to Proco?
Proco always struck me as an innovative and entrepreneurial business who encouraged its people to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. Whilst Proco boasted a global footprint, I was attracted to business’s niche focus on commodities and the fact that the team remained cohesive and were able maintain their cultural identity despite being part of a global business.  

What do you enjoy about your role?
Being more entrepreneurial in nature, Proco has given me the opportunity to wear a number of different hats over the past 7 years. I have had the opportunity to run the Commodities business in the Americas, focus on developing our global accounts, become a member of our Operational Board and most recently step into the Global Chief Commercial Officer position where I am working closely with our CEO to set the strategic direction for our commodities business. I have also been fortunate enough to make some great friends at Proco and work with some incredible clients.

What are some highlights of your time at Proco?
Proco has definitely taken me on an exciting journey. One of the major highlights has been the evolution of our business during my 7 years with the business. At Proco we are always trying to push the boundaries to develop more effective and efficient ways of doing things that will benefit our people, our clients and the individuals we represent in the market. We have people working remotely across the United States & Canada, we are in the process of setting up a research centre and over the past 24 months we have invested heavily into improving our technology and analytical capabilities. From a more personal perspective, setting up our Los Angeles office has definitely been a key highlight.

How has Proco helped you in your career development?
Working for Proco has encouraged me to take a more global view of our market and key clients. Given the nature of the commodities industry, we are regularly working with clients and candidates from across the globe when sourcing executive level roles. Given the size and entrepreneurial nature of our business I have also become more proficient with multi-tasking and prioritizing my time.

What advice do you have for prospective Proco candidates?

  • We look for motivated people who buy into our culture and values 
  • You must be passionate, enthusiastic and be willing to think outside the box
  • Proco is focussed on offering people career progression and the opportunity to shine – you must possess a high level of intellectual curiosity and a willingness to work hard and understand the markets we operate in

What are three words that you would use to describe Proco?
Passionate, UniqueEntrepreneurial.

Has your idea of recruitment changed since joining Proco?
My view on executive search has definitely changed since joining Proco; the recruitment market has also changed significantly over the past 7 years. More and more clients are gravitating towards search firms that are subject matter experts and operate within specific verticals. By having a specific focus, we are able to better service our clients and candidates. Our belief at Proco is that the role of an Executive Search Consultant has expanded well beyond sourcing people for our clients; when partnering with a client our deliverables encompass providing market and competitor intelligence, industry trends, contributing to the strategic vision of the team we are working with and more specifically to operate as an extension to their business.

What do you think sets Proco apart from other recruitment companies?
At Proco we are continually striving to push the boundaries of innovation; we have invested heavily in technology and are working hard to improve the way we operate with our external stakeholders by implementing innovations such as NPS and 360 degree feedback sessions with our clients and candidates. Our size is also a huge advantage, whilst we operate across global markets, our consultants are truly subject matter experts in their local markets and vertical specializations. With circa 150 people we are able to retain our collegiate culture; our people are able to truly work with their peers across the globe which gives our clients and candidates access to a broader spectrum of opportunities.

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