Yes, relocating for a job might seem like both an exciting and daunting prospect.

Rarely do you make a decision that might have such a significant impact on your life—but taking the plunge can really pay off. Moving to a new country can open up a whole range of opportunities for both your personal and career development.

As a global business, Proco offers employees the chance to relocate to some of the most dynamic markets in the world, including vibrant Mexico, bustling Brighton, sunnyHong Kong and beautiful Singapore.

Not sure if working abroad is for you? Well, there are plenty of reasons to seriously consider it as your next step (and we have 9 offices to choose from!).

To start, relocating can provide career development, giving you further opportunities for advancement and promotion. If you’re moving into a new desk, you might be asked to build a team from the ground up. You can set the bar high—if you are driven to prove yourself in the first few months of starting a new job, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in no time.

Another consideration will be improvement to your quality of life. If you love the idea of living in a world-class city, then it’s never too late to experience it as a local. Depending on the location, you might even find that cost of living is lower and your salary goes much further.

The experience of moving abroad and living in a new culture is something that everyone should do at least once in their life; travel is said to broaden the mind and your perspectives. Meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds is also enriching, meaning that relocation can really contribute towards your personal development. Plus you have the option of reinventing yourself and making a whole new circle of friends! We have a friendly office culture at Proco, our free monthly lunches and end of quarter/year celebrations will give you plenty of opportunities to get to know your teammates better. Our offices are diverse with a mix of locals and expats, so you’ll be surrounded by colleagues who are willing to socialise outside of the office (with little convincing needed!).

If you’re still in the dating game, it goes without saying that technology and apps have made it much easier to meet potential matches—and if you’re relocating with a family, there’s always the prospect of better schools and activities for children in another country.

Perhaps the most tempting reason to relocate? Easy: the weather! If you want to move somewhere hot, or somewhere with more than one season, you can finally choose what climate you want to live in!

Sound intriguing? On top of a generous base salary and a very competitive commission structure, Proco also offers relocation packages to help with flights and accommodation to all successful candidates who have proven themselves in their current market. We’ll do all the hard work to organise your working visa and support you during your move. That means that you can spend more time thinking about the adventures that you’ll have.

This really is the opportunity of a lifetime for the right candidate.

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