What were you doing before you joined Proco?
I had been working in Banking recruitment for 7 years, first in London then Hong Kong.

How would you explain the culture of Proco to someone considering joining the business?
The personalities and backgrounds of people at Proco is incredibly diverse but the one thing we have in common is our openness, passion and drive. We’re a family; we are inclusive and fiercely protective of each other and that’s what I love.

If you have worked in recruitment before Proco, what is different about working at Proco?
We truly are global. We have one database and proactively share contacts, candidates, leads, market information etc across our regions. Our Global collaboration is really unique. Secondly our specialisms and deep industry knowledge within them is market leading.

What keeps you here at Proco?
The opportunity to keep progressing my career and the ability to be creative. If you can identify an opportunity and put together a business case then the leaders will back you with it. 

What do you wish someone had told you about working in recruitment before you started in the industry?
So long ago I don’t remember! I think in the early years what an opportunity it could provide if I worked hard, I’ve been able to travel the world, invest in property, help people and have fun!

What keep you working in recruitment?
The people! As a consultant you are more externally facing and talking to candidates and clients all over the world from different walks of life. I have loved understanding how people in different cultures think and what is important to them. More recently my role is more internally facing and I love building strong relationships with the people in my team and helping them develop and progress their careers. After 13 years in recruitment I still get the buzz!

Number of years working at Proco?
6 years

Number of major promotions and year it happened
Lots! Senior Consultant –> Manager –> Director –> MD HK –> MD APAC and soon to be CEO APAC
I can’t remember the years it happened but if you put in the hard work and achieve the targets quickly promotion will come. It is truly based on merit at Proco.

Year you joined Proco Global/Commodities/Global?

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