To give an insight into Proco life around the world we have asked our employees to share a snapshot our culture both inside and outside of the office.

We begin by speaking to New York office, who are currently in the process of expanding their team where management promote a real work hard, play hard mentality—they enjoy sharing each other’s successes and even break a sweat together! Read more below:

What is the reporting structure in the office?
We have two directors who oversee the entire office and different teams. Ross Gregory manages the Commodities team. Shara Alter manages the life sciences and food and beverage team in addition to the general running of the office.

What markets do you cover?
In the New York office, we have different teams: Proco Commodities specializes in Oil, Natural Gas & LNG, Power, Metals and Softs & Ags Trading. The life sciences team focuses on operations quality, manufacturing and procurement. They specialize in the food and beverage industry with a concentration on procurement.

What geographic locations do you cover?
The New York office covers the entire North American market.

What does the top biller generate in revenue in this office?
The top biller has generated close to half a million dollars.

What is the average fee percentage in this area/market?
The average fee in this region is 25%.

What percentage of deals are retained versus contingent?
It’s about a 50/50 breakdown. It really depends on the industry, company or job.

What are the realistic hours expected in the office?
New Yorkers are known for being hard workers. In our office, it’s no different!

What amenities are close to the office?
Our New York office is located in midtown Manhattan. The world famous Radio City Music Hall is nearby and we’re just few blocks away from the iconic Times Square. Two of our favorite spots are Central Park and Bryant Park. From the office, you can walk to Grand Central Terminal and take a train to explore the outer cities.

The New York office is located on Fifth Avenue, a shopper’s heaven because of its rage of designer stores. From the 18th floor of our office, you can see St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

How regularly does the office socialize together?
We love to socialize and hang out in the trendiest spots in the city. On the cold winter days, we go to pubs nearby. And during the summer, the options are endless—but hitting a rooftop bar is always a favorite pastime.

Nationalities of employees in the office:
In the office, we represent five different nationalities. Employees come from Australia to Honduras and we have colleagues who are Singaporean, Korean, Scottish and Mexican.

How do you support other offices?
Most consultants in the New York office connect with the Los Angeles and Mexico City offices on a daily basis.

Does your office offer flexible working?
We work from Monday to Friday, but on the last day of the week, we finish two hours early to enjoy a cocktail or cold beer. It’s our way to reward ourselves for all the hard work we’ve done over the week. We have the flexibility to attend a workout class mid-day during our hour lunch break. Sometimes we even coordinate group classes to break a sweat together as a team!

Do you have a local bar/pub that you visit together as an office?
The most visited bar by the New York team is a Japanese spot just around the corner from the office. They have an amazing happy hour and delicious snacks.

What are the local sports teams?
The local teams in New York are the Giants (NFL), Yankees and Mets (MLB).

What is the average cost of a pint/coffee?
The average cost per cup for a coffee is about $2.50 USD. There are multiple pizza shops near our office where you can get two slices of cheese New York style pizza and a can of soda for $5 USD! Can’t beat that!

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