Coming up to his 8th year with Proco, Omar started initially as the Interim HR Director, before swiftly becoming the Chief Operating Officer. With the start of 2020 upon us, we asked him to reflect on where he sees the company going towards the new decade. 

How long have you worked in the recruitment sector?
This is my 22nd year in the recruitment sector! I left university and started on Page’s graduate recruitment programme.

How does Proco compare to your previous companies?
Page Group offered me the opportunity to transition from a recruiter to learning and development. Ambition propelled me into a Global HR Director role, and Proco has further allowed me to develop into a commercial business leader.

What do you enjoy about your role?
My role is split into two parts – leadership and procurement. I guide my team to deliver a great service to their stakeholders and support them with their career development.  I’ve had the pleasure to work with a number of outstanding individuals at Proco Group.

We outsource a number of key services, so a large part of my role is to ensure that our key suppliers are delivering against agreed expectations.  When a supplier relationship works well (i.e. they are seen as an extension of our internal teams) the outcome is always very rewarding.    

What advice would you give to prospective Proco candidates?
Be prepared to adapt quickly, work hard, learn from successful peers, and be willing to take calculated risks!

What are three words that you would use to describe Proco?
Dynamic, rewarding, and adaptable.

Was 2019 a good year for Proco?
2019 has been a year of transition, where we created a client-centric business model by understanding what aspects of our service and internal processes needed to change. 

We reviewed and adapted our approach to hiring and managing people’s careers at Proco Group.  We also introduce the voice of the customer – through Net Promoter Score – to help identify our customer “pain points” and really understand what our customers like about what we are doing currently, and what they want to see improve in future.

Transformational change will continue (in 2020) to be supported by reviewing the existing relationships with our key suppliers, as well as assessing our existing location footprint, and evaluating how we use technology and data to make more informed business decisions

Looking ahead to 2020, what are our key goals for the year ahead?
The aim is to continue to foster closer partnerships with our clients and improve productivity across the Group. We will also continue to invest in training and development of our employees to ensure that all of the people at the company are continuously learning. 

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