Each of our offices around the world are unique in their own way. We asked Veronica Moran, based in our Mexico City office, to give us a snapshot of what life and the culture is like working inside and outside of Proco Mexico City. 

What is the reporting structure in the office?
Our director, Farid Alcázar, heads up the office and is an awesome guy – last year he was awarded the title of “Proco Manager of the Year”. We also have two Managers, a Principal Consultant, two Consultants, two other Researchers and an Administrative Executive; all specializing in different and very specialized sectors like Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Life Sciences, Industrial Equipment and Process & Chemicals.

What markets do you cover?
We cover all of the mentioned sectors across North America.

What geographic locations do you cover?
USA and Canada

What is the average fee percentage in this area/market?
In North America it’s 25%, and 22% in both Mexico and Central America.

What percentage of deals are retained versus contingent?
It’s around 50/50 for North America, and 20% retained and 80% contingent in Mexico and Central America.

What are the realistic hours expected in the office?
We find ourselves in the office for around 8-9 hours, depending on the deadlines and clients that we are working for and towards.

What amenities are close to the office?
We’re in the nicest part of Mexico City. There are two parks nearby, a variety of bars and restaurants, three small shopping malls, and around 10 of the biggest gyms in the city.

We’re lucky to be located 10 minutes walking distance from the subway station and bus stop – so it’s very convenient to get around!

How regularly does the office socialize together?
We have a “Proco Lunch” every month, which is kindly provided by the company. Every quarter as an office, we go out for drinks, and regularly go out to eat or have drinks together outside of this too.

Nationalities of employees in the office:
Our office is made up of people from Mexico and Venezuela; we have employees working for us who are from Mexico City, Veracruz, Sonora, Monterrey and Sinaloa in Mexico, and from Caracas in Venezuela.

How do you support other offices?
I personally work with the New York Office, but we have networks with all of Proco’s global offices.

Does your office offer flexible working?
Our schedules are flexible and can work around our commitments.

Do you have a local bar/pub that you visit together as an office?
Every month, we have a lunch together, and every quarter we go for drinks – it’s usually to new places each time, as we like to explore and experience different establishments.

What are the local sports teams?
America, Cruz Azul and Pumas – all soccer teams!

What is the average cost of a pint/coffee?
The coffee costs around 50 pesos (US$2.50) and the beer costs around 70 MXN (US$3.50).

Interested in working for Proco Mexico? Mariana Salazar Pozos, our Research Manager for the Americas, is looking for talented researchers and individuals to join our Mexico City Research Centre. Click here to discover what makes the perfect candidate.

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