At the start of October we launched our new Global Research Centre based in Mexico City, a dedicated facility to source the best candidates for our clients.

The new centre will significantly strengthen our capability to do this, by deepening our understanding of markets, sectors, and available talent, so that we make the right match between candidates and roles in the specialist area of supply chains.

Headed up by the new Research Manager, Mariana Salazar Pozos, the first three months is off to a flying start.

With the aim to increase productivity and quality, Mariana is now looking to grow her team with specialised researchers that will be constantly engaging with key players in the industry, in order to present suitable candidates within different markets.  This will allow for consultants to focus on developing deeper relationships with our clients.  Whilst there has been a focus primarily on North America thus far, there is an intention to replicate it for other regions in the future.

Our research teams current goals are to:

  • Establish a clean process of working within a research centre.
  • Up the efficiency and assertiveness of our researchers, creating new KPIs and implementing an evaluation process.
  • Engage in a smarter way through client development and research.

The perfect candidate to join our team would have the following five transferable ‘soft skills’:

  • Communicate and engage – being able to see the client’s vision, communicating internally, and implementing corporate values, purpose, and culture.
  • Willing to go the extra mile – complying with metrics and seeking strategies to ensure success.
  • Proactive – preparing for assignments, identifying HiPo candidates and key players, as well as always aiming to be one step ahead.
  • Customer centric – keeping everyone’s best interests in mind and must uphold a high standard of service and experience for stakeholders at all times.
  • Intellectually curious – Read about the different markets and economies, seek trends and utilise research tools. Seek new information and utilise this when it comes to client and candidate needs.

Having worked as a headhunter for almost 8 years, Mariana finds Proco to be completely different. Over the last two months, she has learned all about the different markets and functions in the different regions that we operate in – for instance, agro-commodities in Europe and the Middle East.

Additionally, the team across our 11 offices have displayed such a global connection through exchanging ideas and best practices, working together no matter the location. The global culture and initiatives are the core of the company and define who we are within Proco Group.

Mariana suggests learning more about the company, our vision, and finding out and asking more about our company culture. Try not to think of the Proco Group as just another headhunting company. Everyone in the company is very approachable and work hard to achieve their own goals, but also look towards assisting with team objectives.

Your colleagues and peers at Proco care not only about their own focus points, but also the overall team performance – the team effort is what makes Proco a truly global company, whereby personal struggles are team struggles and we will help one another to work those out to get back on top of our game.

Like the sound of working for Proco? We’re hiring! Head over to our careers page for more information:


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