Julia Murphy is part of Proco’s global Packaging team, with a focus on glass manufacturing. She specialises in recruiting business critical positions at the C-level. A veteran of Proco, Jules has left the business and come back more than once! We sat down with her to discuss her career thus far and what it is about Proco that keeps her coming back for more.

Can you give us an overview of your career so far and what led you to Proco the first time?

I joined Proco in June 2013, having no previous recruitment experience but having an interest in the industry since my older sister is in Executive Search. I joined the business as a Consultant, reporting directly to our CEO Rich. I joined the Consumer Goods team. I instantly loved the culture and felt supported to learn the business from scratch. I specialised in the Cosmetics & Luxury Industry, travelling to Paris regularly meeting with great brands. I set up our global agreement with L’Oréal, working directly with Regine Lucas CPO. I also started our partnership with Pandora which turned into a huge global client of ours. After maternity leave, I moved into the Packaging sector.

Do you think women still face barriers in the recruitment industry? To what extent?

I am sure, as within most industries, there are barriers to some degree. Whether it’s due to taking time off to start a family or if women require flexible working options to look after small children. Taking time out can delay promotions and make building business partnerships more challenging. Those setbacks are hard to gain back but something women have to accept. Recruitment is fast-speed and demanding at times, but I think if you are part of a flexible company where these type of options are available then it can be an attractive industry that offers a good balance.

What is it about Proco that made you feel comfortable enough to return?

I have returned to Proco twice, having had two children since joining the business. I also took time out for a sabbatical to Vietnam during my second maternity leave. I feel very lucky to have an understanding and flexible CEO. I always knew that I wanted to return after starting my family. Proco made me feel comfortable to return as everything was always communicated openly; I was given the opportunity to focus on other things like travel and family with the long-term view to always return.

How has Proco helped you maintain a work/life balance?

Proco offered me part-time working options, in order to still maintain quality time with my young family. This is a massive bonus to which I am grateful.

How has the company changed?

Since I joined in 2013 the company has changed a lot, doubled in size. Since returning this time around, a lot of change had occurred during the pandemic (when I was overseas) and although the business had to make tough internal strategic decisions, ultimately it has been a positive outcome for Proco. When I recently re-joined, Proco was in a really good place; I have enjoyed the transition back to work.

What do you enjoy most about working at Proco?

The buzz of the work itself; working at senior level, the autonomy, the culture, the people, the flexibility, the rewards, the long-term vision and transparency from senior management.

What are you looking forward to in the years ahead?

Becoming even more expert in my area of specialism, partnering long-term with my key clients and getting involved in all aspects of Proco (whilst being Mum to my two boys!)

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