The challenge:

Proco Commodities was retained by the CEO and CFO of an international ETRM Vendor seeking to replace its COO and Head of Global Services.

After receiving both commercial and clientele feedback, it was apparent that performance in the client’s North America business had stalled and the board asked the CEO and CFO to personally oversee the discreet replacement of the incumbent. Due to sensitivities of client relationships, a suitable replacement was needed before the incumbent was made redundant.

The solution:

Proco Commodities provided a full longlist of individuals from across North America, Europe and APAC who possessed the relevant PnL management, global footprint, project experience and strategic involvement deemed relevant by the client. All individuals were then discreetly referenced through our international network of clients and candidates.

Our client selected a final list of five individuals from Houston, London and Singapore, and only at this stage did we reveal the name of the client.

Our results:

By the time the incumbent had been made aware of their redundancy, we had successfully lined up their replacement in advanced negotiations with the board of investors, CEO and CFO. As a result, once clients heard of the incumbent’s departure, a successor was ready to join the company in five weeks’ time and the handover was managed seamlessly.

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