The challenge:

In 2015, Proco Associates was engaged to support a new venture following an acquisition by a global cosmetics business. The deal saw the firm enter the retail market for the first time, requiring a Store Development Director for a rapid rollout across EMEA.

The initial brief was to identify suitable talent to fill the position as a contract worker, ideally a consultant to help create the design, oversee the architectural structure, implement the procurement for store fittings and materials, and then project control all new store builds. Unfortunately, this talent did not exist, with no interims or consultants available with the right experience.

The solution:

After understanding the requirements and challenges, Proco Associates explored the entire EMEA region for relevant talent and within four weeks was able to create a shortlist of candidates.

Thorough market mapping identified talent from retail brands in luxury goods, fashion and cosmetics. The team worked diligently to identify several candidates interested in consulting or contract work. 

The solution:

Proco Associates filled the role and the successful candidate now oversees all store development across Europe for the new division, as well as all store-in-store and free-standing stores for the entire brand.

Proco Associates also now has an engaged talent pool of readily-available contract workers who are driven by the desire to take on exciting expansion projects for new or revitalised retail brands.

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