Earlier this year, Proco conducted its first Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, which was sent out to clients for feedback on our performance. This was crucial for measuring how successful we were in meeting our objective to be as client-centric as possible. We gleaned a lot of useful data from this survey, which identified both positive drivers and areas where we could improve.

The results are now in from our second survey, which provide an even deeper understanding of how we can improve our service to clients. The feedback showed us that, internally, the way that we manage our client accounts could be clearer and more focused—something we’ve taken immediate steps to rectify. We were delighted to find that clients were saying mostly positive things about our business, however, citing that our professionalism, level of communication and the calibre of our candidates were the reasons that they love working with Proco.

But our clients still want more from us, including more market insight, data and knowledge. They want more face-to-face time with consultants and to build more meaningful relationships with them. This type of honest feedback is invaluable to our leadership and management teams.

I’ve been reflecting on the NPS process generally and how this information can be used to drive higher customer satisfaction—it hasn’t been an easy journey, but a transformative one. We’ve put a lot of work into getting the NPS survey up and running and it will require continued commitment as it goes out every quarter.

Saying that, the results have highlighted how we can improve internal processes in addition to the obvious benefits of understanding the perception our clients have of us.

You can’t help but feel vulnerable when you open yourself up to scrutiny. But, thankfully, the negative feedback that we received was both fair and balanced. I also found that the critical feedback was much more enlightening than the positive.

I had to remind myself to be open-minded about the process and to take criticism on the chin—but one thing is certain: it was worth putting ourselves out there. I was reassured by the positive insights, mainly that our clients respect our level of expertise, but want us to do more to get to know them and their business. It’s inspired me to pick up the phone and reach out to some of our key clients personally and I was encouraged by how many of those clients were happy to expand on what they want to see more of from us. As CEO, I understand that I also have a role to play in our pledge to create more positive outcomes for the people we work with.

The results from the NPS will continue to impact our future strategy. We want to create positive outcomes and this tells us what they look like for clients and we value this insight. It just goes to show that by inviting honest feedback, you might hear something that you don’t want to hear, but it’s also a sure-fire way of learning and growing your business.

Has your business listened to—and learned from—honest client feedback? Let me know about it in the comments.