winners' dinner

We offer an all expenses paid meal at a very fancy restaurant for those that achieve above and beyond.


We offer our offices lots of exciting days out, whether its hiring a mariachi band, going to a theme park or crazy golf.


At Proco we offer many awards for those that show our core values and have gone the extra mile.


We offer all our Proco employees an additional vacation day on their birthday.


To celebrate the start of a new month, we treat all offices to "lunch on Proco".


We have established our very own buddy scheme to help new joiners settle in.


All our 12 offices receive a weekly fruit delivery so you can get your five-a-day.


On the third Friday of each month we offer cocktails to enjoy as an office.

Our values

The way we act in our day-to-day business drives our overall success. That’s why Proco Group’s values are so important. They ensure that the way we achieve our results is always as important as the results we achieve.

Great companies have a reason for being that goes beyond just making money. We believe in challenging and changing everything, but never our core values.

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