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The Automotive and Mobility industry is in constant evolution, driven by the ascendancy of EVs, autonomous transport, and shared mobility, all firmly anchored in a steadfast commitment to sustainability and CO2 reduction.

Despite these endeavours, challenges persist, encompassing essential infrastructure development and the adaptation to evolving regulations.

Simultaneously, the industry forges ahead, propelled by remarkable innovations in battery tech, connectivity, AI, and the expansion of multi-modal transportation solutions. This transformation fundamentally reshapes global mobility, with sustainability and technological advancement as its guiding principles.

Proco Group plays a pivotal role in identifying exceptional talent and leveraging its advisory capacity to address these complex challenges, thereby supporting the competitiveness of mobility organisations in this perpetually changing market.

Automotive and Mobility Recruitment

The difference we make for automotive and mobility businesses

We partner with global tier two and tier two automotive suppliers and specialist tech companies to:

  • Establish a formidable competitive advantage by leveraging insights derived from our access to market intelligence.
  • Clearly define strategically vital positions and design competitive compensation and benefits packages to attract the appropriate talent.
  • Craft a search strategy that aligns with your organisation’s goals and objectives.
  • Identify and secure forward-thinking senior leaders and sought-after individuals to guarantee your organisation’s readiness for the future.
  • Elevate and enhance your reputation within industry-related markets.
Automotive and Mobility Recruitment

Enabling you to build competitive advantage

We help you navigate through changing technological demands, regulatory compliance and the transition to electric vehicles, combining our sector specific knowledge and solid relationships with exceptional individuals across the following functions.

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