Chemicals and Materials

Perfectly placed to help you navigate complexity

We understand that in today’s rapidly evolving Chemical and Material industry, change is the only constant. Organisations grapple with the challenges of unpredictable availability and volatility in material prices, changing regulations, challenges in forecasting and ongoing industry consolidation.

Once a traditional sector, it has now embarked on an accelerated transformation journey, catalysed by the surging demand for sustainable products and solutions downstream. Most apparent has been the shift of business model from price focused to value driven.

While macroeconomic events continue to exert their influence on this sector, there exists a multitude of opportunities for enhancement through digitalization and automation.

At Proco Group, we support a range of companies across the Chemical sector from base commodities to niche chemicals and additives. From concept to commercialisation, we provide insights and introduce exceptional talent to cut through the complexity and navigate the intricacies of this evolving landscape.

Chemicals and Materials Recruitment

The difference we make for chemicals and materials businesses

We partner with global petrochemical clients and specialist materials firms to:

  • Establish a formidable competitive advantage by leveraging insights derived from our access to market intelligence.
  • Clearly define strategically vital positions and design competitive compensation and benefits packages to attract the appropriate talent.
  • Craft a search strategy that aligns with your organisation’s goals and objectives.
  • Identify and secure forward-thinking senior leaders and sought-after individuals to guarantee your organisation’s readiness for the future.
  • Elevate and enhance your reputation within industry-related markets.
Chemical and Material Recruitment

Enabling you to build competitive advantage

We help you navigate through market volatility, rapid technical advances and changing regulatory requirements, combining our sector specific knowledge and deep relationships with exceptional individuals.

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