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Mark Giles - Proco Career Milestones

Proco Group's Senior Partner for Industrials and Packaging and Paper Lead, Mark Giles shares his executive search firm career journey.

In this series, we’re sitting down with the members of our global team to hear more about their professional experience, what attracted them to work for Proco Group, and why an executive search firm career is guaranteed to deliver satisfaction and success.

Mark Giles leads the packaging and paper practice across the EMEA region, specialising in recruiting at a mid-senior level across the functions of manufacturing, procurement, supply chain, quality and ops.

Where did you work before joining Proco?

I worked at Pareto as a sales manager for the Southeast, UK. Pareto is the number one business in graduate sales assessment, placement and training. It was a lot of fun, but after six years, I wanted my next challenge. Before that, I actually designed toys for a company called Bang Creations, which allowed me to use my design degree before I moved into the world of sales.

What attracted you to Proco?

I was attracted to the high level work with larger earning potential. I was enticed by the international environment and global opportunities. I was also looking to work in a mature environment and to work in Brighton. And I was fully convinced after meeting the Proco Group Chair, Richard Paisley.

What do you enjoy about your role?

The autonomy and being able to create and build a market. I enjoy developing great client and candidate relationships. And again: the earning potential!

What are some highlights of your time at Proco?

There are so many highlights over my eight years with the company. I’ve made lots of great friends and we’ve had so many celebrations together. I enjoy the company perks, such as Winners’ Dinners and end-of-year / end-of-quarter parties. I also have many fond memories in local pub, The Eagle!

Then there’s the infamous mariachi days, where an office is rewarded with a day out for smashing their sales targets. The first mariachi was held in Brighton and we took a mariachi band on a pub crawl—it was incredible.

Procofest, where our London and Brighton offices came together for a day of summer games and fun, was an absolute blast. My recent four-week sabbatical was also amazing and an amazing company benefit!

How has Proco helped you in your career development?

Proco has helped me progress in my work very successfully with leading global businesses. This is because our services are so specialist that we genuinely fill a business need for our clients.

What advice do you have for prospective Proco candidates?

Proco is a fantastic company where you can forge your own career path. If you work hard and hit your targets, then you’ll progress quickly, develop personally and professionally and build an excellent career. This may sound simplistic, but you do have to put in the graft.

If you do, then the rewards are amazing.

What are three words that you would use to describe Proco?

Rewarding, fun, hard work.

Has your idea of recruitment changed since joining Proco?

Aside from my six years at Pareto, which was graduate model recruitment, I didn’t have any idea of recruitment outside of Proco. But I can say with certainty that Proco really is a great place to be.

What do you think sets Proco apart from other recruitment companies?

It’s a great environment. I love the autonomy and freedom to get on with your work.

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